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Els testimonis que es citen a continuació són tal i com ens els han donat. No han estat en absolut modificats. Solament, hem omès les dades del comprador.

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Having bought (and thrown out) many other grills over 20 years - these work! Two of these grills feed Cork City in Ireland. (All citizens with good taste, at least).

Restaurant, Cork

If you buy one you will never look back. Most valued piece of kitchen equipment ever bought.

Cafe, Co Clare

After 4 years, breakfast would not be the same without it!

B+B, Co Wicklow

Have had my grills for the past 20 years and I am sure I could not carry on my efficient business without them.

Bar & Restaurant, Co Sligo

Has made me a fortune - Wonderful.

Cafe, Co Clare

Best investment our deli has made. Great earner!

Shop, Wexford

The only machine to do exactly as was advertised!

Spar, Dublin 2